Over 25 years ago, the company began in South Florida by providing small business owners with systems and tools necessary for success. By modeling the simple principal of putting customer needs at the forefront of best practices, i.e. – “service first”, First Serve Consulting (“FSC”) was born. The Company began West Coast operations in 2007 in Orange County, California. From there, FSC advised companies in Internet marketing, contract manufacturing, apparel, software, and logistics businesses.  By 2008 the organization had expanded onto the International business stage with projects in various sectors.

FSC is a boutique firm working with companies that operate across the globe. The Company has represented firms in big data, financial services, hospitality, manufacturing, and healthcare. Most recently, FSC has branched into advising businesses on Private Equity roll-ups and M & A transactions as a means to create liquidity for founders.


Provide organizations with the tools, methods and systems in order to better prepare them for doing business within a given marketplace. Utilize education and training to establish a knowledge base that supports a shift in thinking and approach, as it relates to their current operating paradigm. Impart best practices so their company may run more efficiently and achieve higher standards of service.


Impacting your business.

“My model for business is The Beatles. They were four guys who kept each others negative tendencies in check. They balanced each other and the total was greater than the sum of the parts. That’s how I see business: great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.”

– Steve Jobs


Team FSC is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds in management, marketing, education, technology, finance, entrepreneurship, and the list goes on. With over 100 years combined experience, this group of former CEO’s, executives, and leaders, is impressive and confident. Yet, it is the humble approach, open-mindedness, and attention to detail that makes them special, and sets FSC apart from most business consulting firms.

James Marcellino – Executive Advisor

As founder and CEO of FSC, James applies 30 years of successful entrepreneurial experience helping businesses internationally. He is an accomplished business man with all of the superior management skills required in a world-class organizational leader. His ability to assess, deconstruct and then communicate complex business issues gives him a leading management strength that permeates entire organizations.

James recently served as CEO of a Dental Support Organization or “DSO” that he cofounded in California where he was able to grow production by 50% in less than two years while doubling EBITDA. Prior to that, he restructured and diversified his families furniture business in South Florida. In 2015 he was brought in to grow an Irvine based DSO where he nearly tripled revenues and helped to double the locations under his leadership. Previously, he was the COO of an Orange County financial products marketing start-up he co-founded. That company entered into an agreement to be acquired by a public entity in the $500 Billion money remittance market space. James was President & COO of an Internet television company that he co-founded in 2007, and the company received a multi-million dollar valuation after its initial year in business. Additionally, he pioneered a pre-franchise model that was applied to a chain of children’s learning centers, co-founded a manufacturing and distribution company in the commercial flooring industry, and his first foray into entrepreneurship began when he founded a successful chain of Martial Arts Academies, serving as CEO throughout the organization’ s expansion and sale.

He possesses great operational and organizational skills. He is able to convey a clear understanding of complex business issues and thereby, increase corporate productivity, all critical tenants of entrepreneurship.

James is married to his wife of 17 years, Samantha, living in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, where together they are raising, Nox, an amazing fifteen year old child.

Gil Figueroa – Executive Advisor

Gil provides clients with broad high level corporate management experience. His background with growth companies provides him a panoramic view of corporate requirements and makes him an expert at creating and executing strategic visions.

Gil was President and CEO of Raining Data Corporation, a NASDAQ (RDTA) company created via a merger between a private company, PICK Systems, and a public company, OMNIS Software. He engineered the acquisition by raising over $20 Million and was responsible for increasing the company valuation to over $50 Million.

Gil has managed a large variety of business projects including, Worldwide Product Distribution, Manufacturing, Accounting Systems, Workflow Management and Online Web Applications. With over 50 years in the computer industry, he possesses broad technological experience ranging from hardware design, product manufacturing, software development, as well as managing international sales distribution channels.

Gil and his lovely wife Janet live in Irvine, California where they enjoy all that the OC has to offer, including great dining, superb beaches and glorious vistas.

Craig Cunningham – Senior Advisor

Craig applies his more than 30 years experience in various financial and educational sectors to drive the financial aspect and profitability for our clients. He has a background in finance, business management and technology. He has been advising businesses since 1987 by providing them with constructive financial systems and methodologies to prepare for successful integration of sound financial practices.

Craig has served as a financial consultant for investment firms and headed the accounting program at the University of La Verne, in Southern California. He has also implemented strategic training programs for numerous tax and financial-industry companies, including Girard Securities and Key Corp, a national banking and investment firm.

Craig earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Business Administration from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. He holds a CPA license, and his professional affiliations include the International Associate for Financial Planning and the Institute of Management Accountants.

Craig and his wife Kristin live in Orange County, California where they spend lots of time outdoors with their precious sons, Jackson and Luke.

Dr. Michael Salerno – Senior Advisor

Dr. Mike applies his more than 45 years of experience and expertise in business, public administration and education, to select projects and endeavors. His natural leadership abilities that were honed as a US Marine have served him well in roles as diverse as graduate school professor, to protecting our streets as a police officer.

Dr. Mike’s true calling is educating tomorrow’s business leaders. As a Senior Professor for the H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business & Entrepreneurship, he has passed along the wisdom and knowledge acquired over the years. His recent retirement from the education sector has allowed him to move into the consulting arena full time, where he shall continue to teach and guide today’s business minds and leaders.

Dr. Mike earned a B.S. degree from the University of Iona in NY and his M.S. and Doctorate of Public Administration from Nova Southeastern University. He has acquired certifications and licenses in law enforcement, education, administration and several other disciplines.

Dr. Mike enjoys his garden and pets at his home in Port St. Lucie, Florida, where he spends time as a volunteer for several organizations in the local community and can be found teaching law at a local charter high-school.

Samantha Marcellino – Special Advisor

As FSC’s newest team member, Samantha brings 10 years of “real life” experience around social media marketing and working with people. She possesses a keen understanding of how customers relate to products and services. Samantha employs a no-nonsense approach towards discovering what resonates with today’s consumer. This provides FSC with a deep insight into Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management.

Samantha currently serves as “COE” – Chief of Everything for Sam Gets Social,  an FSC subsidiary specializing in social media management and training. She has previously held positions in sales and marketing, where she continually exemplified the skills for success. Early in her career, she spent time in the hospitality industry honing her customer relations acumen. She has also worked extensively in the health arena as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

Samantha graduated from Florida Atlantic University obtaining a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. She holds certifications in fitness from AFAA Group Fitness, QiForze, QiDance and Schwin Cycle, and has participated in coaching and mentorship workshops for direct sales team building.

Samantha is happily married to her husband of 17 years, and together they are raising their amazing fifteen year old, Nox.

Donald McGrath – Advisor

Don provides 30 plus years of organizational start-up and business development to the team. Don is the co-founder of Providers Exchange, LLC., which owns and operates Cost Segregation Exchange, an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of cost segregation services. He was Managing Director of Glenbrook Advisors for over 11 years and served as President of a Saudi-American investment group for over six years.

Don is a versatile executive officer that possesses vision, leadership and strategic thinking. He has a history of proven results in dynamic environments, including the ability to solve problems and manage projects. Don exemplifies motivational strength and is the consummate team player with an established record of identifying market needs and emerging business opportunities.

He is classified as a serial entrepreneur with excellent foresight and a solid foundation in finance and early stage ventures. Taking a project from concept to fruition and ultimately to exit is his forte. Don has the ability to assemble a strong team and surround himself with excellence in marketing, public relations, sales and technology.

Don and his wife Lisa live in Newport Beach, California where they enjoy spending time outdoors and enjoying the seaside lifestyle on Balboa Island.

Anthony Franck – Advisor

Anthony relies upon 20 years of “in-the-trenches” experience managing and leading people. He is passionate in his pursuit to understand what makes businesses grow and achieve success. He applies a cutting edge perspective to every project, and provides clients with specific knowledge related to Internet marketing, client retention, e-commerce, online sales, as well as all things related to search and social media. As an industry expert, Anthony was a contributing author for the #1 Best Selling Book, Automate Your Traffic, Funnels and Follow Up With The World.

He recently implemented systems for a company with locations around the U.S., and was able to increase sales, where 50% of the growth came from new customers. Prior to that he assisted a “big data” organization working with Facebook and Google to increase traffic to over 50,000 visits per month. Anthony led a team that collectively generated over $30MM in sales via Internet advertising. Last year he was featured on a podcast with Kevin Harrington, from ABC’s show, Shark Tank. Early on he managed social media for the largest animal vocational school in North America, where he grew reach and maximized profits. Anthony’s career began with a seven year stint handling location and corporate operations for In-N-Out Burger, the nations top privately held fast food empire.

Anthony studied web design, digital media, online sales, and marketing at College of the Canyons in California. He holds certifications in software applications for web design and development, and has been designated as a mentor and coach by Future Force Inc., the fastest growing coaching company in America.

Anthony and his lovely girlfriend Stacy call Las Vegas, Nevada home. They enjoy the beautiful weather, spending time hiking the foothills and riding bicycles throughout the suburbs, all with their rescue dog, Xena.