One of the most critical needs for a successful business is an operating strategy. That strategy must then be implemented in order to achieve the stated objectives of the company’s Business Plan. This approach directs and guides the team responsible for execution, which in turn leads to success. This is the foundation for FSC’s “Systems – Sales – Success” paradigm.

The following describes the various activities undertaken as part of the FSC approach to working with our clients. Each project is unique and presents its own challenges, therefore many of these strategies are utilized to insure optimal results.

Business Model Overview

This is the basis of assessing the needs for any given organization as it relates to the current operating model, as well as go forward goals and objectives for improvement. FSC performs a comprehensive review that involves all aspects of a company’s business.

Market Investigation

FSC works to manage the research, analysis and documentation of market related drivers, value proposition, sizing and roll-out strategies within the given market segment and potential new segments. This includes examining:

  • Market Drivers – Define market conditions and change that affect positioning for customer groups.
  • Business Analysis – Establish a business case and uncover existing obstacles / challenges.
  • Pricing Matrix – A look at market prices to better understand the conditions effecting revenues.
  • Customer Acquisition – In depth overview of the process for adopting and retaining customers.
  • Marketing Strategies – Obtain a high level understanding for developing a working Plan.


Examination and investigation into the competitive landscape as it relates to the industry and outlying segments. This includes deep analysis of any existing threats, creating a differentiator, and understanding all opposing segments.

Services & Products

Analysis of the Company’s products and services, including uncovering opportunities for differentiation and market penetration. Specifically, a look into independent categories that affect customer perception, such as brand identity, messaging and pricing.

Financial Model

Assisting with the development of a working financial model for establishing long term profits.  FSC works with each customer to generate a strategy for efficient use of capital to insure strong returns.

Operating Systems

Based on the overall business model analysis and research, FSC helps design a comprehensive operating system. This phase encompasses many aspects of a company’s operation, including management, marketing, sales and other key areas impacting success.


“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

– Sun Tzu